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Hidden Sentence Training

Families normally do it pretty tough when a loved one goes to prison and end up serving a hidden sentence in community. Many families suffer from stigmatisation and and find it difficult to cope. Children in particular can find this time very challenging and struggle with the impact of incarceration when a parent goes to prison.

Hidden Sentence training increases the awareness professionals have on the impact parental incarceration has on children, and the role they can play in lessening the harm. Not only does its theoretical component increase general understanding of the present issues, but it allows for a conversation on the ways it may impact their organisations. Professionals leave Hidden Sentence training with a wealth of tools and resources which allow them to better their practice and continue to improve their understanding on the experiences of children and families. It also encourages networking and greater multi-agency collaboration between the prison service and relevant community stakeholders.

Onesimus is recommencing training (after a break during COVID restrictions) for professionals who work with families affected by a loved one being incarcerated.

For details of training events and links to register for upcoming sessions please click on this link.


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