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Preparing For Prison

Preparing for prison can be difficult especially if if you are entering custody for the first time. It is often an extremely stressful time for you and your loved ones.

There is a lot of information here about things to think about before you enter custody, and some tips that have been written by people who have been to prison themselves. Different people have different experiences of first time imprisonment.


Things such as which prison you end up in and whether or not you know anyone in prison can make a difference in how you experience prison for the first time.

Getting to Risdon Prison

Risdon Prison is located on the East Derwent Hwy about 15 minutes from Hobart in South Eastern Tasmania. 


If you receive a custodial sentence or are held on remand you will enter the prison system through the Hobart or Launceston Reception Prison.  In the reception prison you will be inducted into the prison system by a Tasmanian Prison Service (TPS) Correctional Officer and interviewed by a member of The Tasmanian Health Service (THS).  Information from the THS interview is medical in confidence and will not be shared with TPS.


After a short stay at the Reception Prison you will be transported to Risdon Prison and enter a prison appropriate to the classification of your offence (ie. Maximum, Medium or Minimum).

Our thanks to CRC (Community Restorative Centre) NSW for permission to adapt their resource "Preparing for Prison' to make it appropriate for Tasmania.

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