What’s in a name?

Onesimus is a Greek name, meaning ‘useful or profitable’, referred to in the small biblical book of the Philemon.
Onesimus is a runaway slave whose life has become ‘useless and unprofitable’ and he ends up in prison where he meets
the Apostle Paul, and it is there his life is turned around.  Paul sends Onesimus back to his owner,
Philemon, not as a slave but a ‘useful and profitable’ brother.

Who we are …

Onesimus engages with people with convictions, their families and the communities affected by imprisonment in Tasmania. 
We recognise that imprisonment is a traumatic experience for the families of people who are incarcerated as it impacts on the social, emotional, educational and financial development of families and their communities. We seek to lessen the harm caused to families through incarceration and to nurture healthy relationships while in prison. We work collaboratively with government and community agencies to offer support for prisoners and their families during incarceration and on reintegration into the community.


What we do …

Our Vision

Creating Healthy Relationships, Transforming Lives, Changing Communities


Our Mission

We work with people with convictions, their families and communities to create healthy family relationships
during incarceration so that on release from prison they will be welcomed home as useful, profitable and fulfilled members
of society with a reduced risk of reoffending

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03 9513 1362

Find us:   550 East Derwent Hwy, Risdon Vale, TAS, 7016, Australia

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