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Unbalanced Scales of Justice



Just Desserts was formed in 2018 to assist and complement the work of the Court Mandated Drug (CMD) treatment program of the Magistrates Court. It is not part of the formal system of criminal justice and courts in Tasmania and is not involved in the ‘penalties’ side of the drug use equation. Instead, the group is oriented toward positive outcomes for CMD clients and positive interactions between offenders and the rest of the Tasmanian community now and into the future.
Just Desserts assists the CMD program by building up the incentives side of the drug use equation. In other words, Just Desserts rewards participants for their short and long-term successes in the program. Working with community members, the key task is to establish and maintain a wide range of items and services for use in incentivising participants in the CMD program as they achieve various stage-related goals.

The Just Desserts committee comprises a group of like-minded people representing a variety of organisations and individuals. The committee meets monthly to discuss the CMD program, upcoming graduations, emerging research, and other issues relevant to the drug courts. The Just Desserts committee is dedicated to promoting therapeutic jurisprudence and alternatives to imprisonment. 

"From our perspective, building positive futures is far more important than simply penalising people for their pasts.  The consequences of criminal justice intervention matter. "

Michael Hill & Rob White - Mercury 2019



Just Desserts aims to assist the Drug Court by providing tangible incentives to offenders in a way that is transparent and supports the practices of the program.  We do this by:


- Providing a link between the community and the Drug Court by being the key group for the tangible incentives scheme;

- Steering fundraising efforts and ensuring a successful collaboration between local charities, corporates, and the Drug Court;

- Discussing issues of concern, such as criticisms;

- Ensuring appropriate incentives are acquired through communication with the public, the Chief Magistrate, and Community Corrections;

- Promoting the therapeutic justice courts operating in Tasmania in order to increase public awareness and muster local support;

- Operating as a partner with the Magistrates Court with respect to the promotion of the Drug Court and incentives.

- Following the rules and procedures of the Law Society and other relevant laws and regulations

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 Onesimus supports Just Desserts through the management of finances and the hosting of this web content

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