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COVID-19: describing the experiences and needs of children with a family member in prison.

When a family member goes to prison, this can be a time of high stress for both them and for family left on the outside, particularly those caring for children.

We know how important it is for children and families to keep in contact with the person in prison, and that face-to-face visiting is one way to do this. In late March 2020, all face-to-face visits to prisons across Australia were suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the adult carer of a child/ren with a relative in prison, we are seeking your input into an online survey (which has been approved by Monash University’s Human Ethics Committee). It asks questions about the changes made in prisons about keeping in contact, and how these have affected your family, particularly the children you are caring for.

We will use this information to highlight gaps and to come up with suggestions for improving family contact, where face-to-face visits are not possible. SHINE for Kids will use this information to advocate for the voices and perspectives of children of prisoners and their families.

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