On the 9th November, Barnardo’s ‘Children Affected by Parental Offending’ (CAPO) engagement service delivered its first international training session for professionals.   The workshop, delivered in Bristol to professionals from education, social care, family support and early years services, was also ‘virtually’ joined by children and family practitioners and policy makers in Tasmania, Australia.

The half day training event ‘Supporting Children & Families Affected by Offending: a practice workshop’ is one of a programme of workshops that Barnardo’s provides to practitioners to develop their knowledge, skills and awareness around supporting the children and families of offenders.....

Practitioners in Tasmania, as in many local authorities in England, are trying to address this issue by developing multi-agency strategies to support the children and families of offenders and ensure that staff have the knowledge and skills to meet their needs. The Tasmania Children Affected by Parental Offending steering group are adapting the i-HOP Practice Guide and using the i-HOP Quality Statements to inform their wider strategy. Barnardo’s have already attended their strategy group via Skype to share learning and resources.

8 professionals from Tasmania attended the training to develop their knowledge, consider how to develop similar training in Australia and take part in a dialogue with England-based practitioners about how to develop this area of work.

Read the full report on Barnardos website 

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Jess Smith accepting the award on
behalf of Onesimus Foundation


At the 2018 national PACCOA conference Onesimus Foundation was awarded the PACCOA National Outstanding Achievement Award in recognition of the significant contribution Onesimus is making to the local community in Tasmania and the lives of offenders and their families.

The Probation and Community Corrections Officers Association (PACCOA) is a not for profit national group working to increase understanding of, and discussion around issues pertaining to offender management. In particular, it focuses on issues relating to community-based management.  PACCOA was first formed in 1998 to address a gap in national communication. PACCOA works to promote the professional development of probation/community correction officers; enhance the quality of justice and the safety of community by professional development and participation in discussion.


 This award is a special national outstanding achievement award which acknowledges the extensive and excellent work being done by  the Onesimus Foundation.  

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