Supporting children and families of offenders

Onesimus engages with people with convictions, their families and the communities affected by imprisonment in Tasmania. 

We recognise that imprisonment is a traumatic experience for the families of people who are incarcerated as it impacts on the social, emotional, educational and financial development of families and their communities. We seek to lessen the harm caused to families through incarceration and to nurture healthy relationships while in prison. We work collaboratively with government and community agencies to offer support for prisoners and their families during incarceration and on reintegration into the community.


Onesimus has developed a number of training courses and guides to assist professionals in their fields. If your work brings you in to contact with children, families or prisoners’ families, training is available to you.


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We've done the research for you! Resources are available to all who support the children and families of prisoners as well as the professionals who work with them.

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Hillside Haven is a small house located on the grounds of the Christian Family Centre, which neighbours the Prison at Risdon Vale. The house is available to families of prisoners, living considerable distance from Hobart, to visit their family member in Risdon Prison. 

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