Inside Out

The ‘Inside-Out’ initiative is designed to Develop the Capability of inmates to transition from prison life to being pro-social members of their families and communities. 


It does this by providing a safe, non-judgemental space within which people can look at their lives from the ‘outside’ and discover a new way of belonging, and sometimes, to a new place to belong. 


But the door to change can only be opened from the inside, and all the knowledge in the world is useless if not put into practice.  Hence we offer a subsequent path of mentoring and people practice the new way of belonging and gradually replace old habits, ‘working out what has been worked in’.

These three videos

  1. describe the significance of The GAP between prison and a different kind of life,

  2. briefly describe how the Inside Out course and mentoring concept addresses the problem of the GAP, and

  3. describe ways of initiating more collaboration between the parties which “have an interest in keeping people out of prison”.

What is the Gap 
Video 1